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  The challenge: find a glass top table to seat
twelve. There was NO way to get a large piece
of glass in the elevator, or even walk it up the
stairs because of gates on each floor.

The solution: design and build the table. Our
design was constructed in the shop, taken apart
for delivery and assembled in our client’s dining
room. The best part is that we were able to
create the fretwork as our client's initial, the
letter "H". Custom? You bet!
   The challenge: find a large serviceable cocktail
table that can easily be moved when the con-
vertible sofa needs to be opened for guests.

The solution: design a large round table and
build it in two parts. The demi-lunes are easy to
move out of the way, and tuck against walls in
the apartment. We upholstered the table top in
faux leather, so it is practically indestructible. It’s
functional, practical, and very stylish.